About Abana

 You are at Tatilya in Abana...

You are in the mother nature's lap, green and blue...

You are the witness of the reunion of waters from large and small streams nearby with sea, sometimes drop by drop, sometimes fast flowing like a flood, the eternal love of water and dolphins, the songs of all sorts of birds coming from the depths of the forests, accompanying seagulls' chirping  with their dancing on the beach.

You are at Tatilya in Abana...

This is a small dream land...

Clean air, pristine nature, not exceeding 30 degrees in the summer, mild temperatures in the spring and autumn, with its comforting climate, it is a dream land that leans its back to the gorgeous greenery of Black Sea region.


Visual feast of fishing boats of every size, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night, swinging over the sea is warranted. The fish coming from generosity of Black Sea to line fishers, turns into a festival of flavors in the hands of skilful chefs of Tatilya.

The trails in the forest, deep valleys and canyons, natural sports and recreational areas such as Hacıveli cove and Yaraligoz mountain will make you think the nature is more than gracious to this region... Your photos, memories, and friends you will make at Abana will never keep you apart from here.

For generations ...




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Kamil Demircioğlu Caddesi

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